WRC2019 | Terrain and map
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Terrain and map

world rogaining championship 2019

Competition area (140 km²) is located within the Pyrenees Mountains, mainly in
Spain, but also a little part in France. Terrain is from moderate hilly to
mountainous. The highest peak is La Tossa 2536 m and the lowest area is around 1300m, around Alp village. This mountainous environment provides a physically challenging terrain where minimized climbs and drops will be an important factor.
Therefore, navigational capabilities and route planning skills acquire a vital
importance and have been proven as an essential factor for the successful

The forest covers up to 60% of the event area. It comprises areas of pine
predominance, mainly in low areas and north slopes, with minor oak sectors in low and south slopes. The other 40% of the event area is based on open areas, mostly of very closely trimmed grass on relatively even and smooth ground, together with some rugged land areas.

The scale selected is 1:25 000 with contour interval 10 meters. The sources to
create the map are annual ortophoto and LiDAR available in this region. This
information allows obtaining a very detailed cartography. In the same way field
work is necessary to add details and evaluate forest and open areas.
Map design will be based on orienteering software, as OCAD or OOMapper. The
map provides a significant difference with usual rogaining maps: forest and open
areas are printed in colors depending of their runnability as done in orienteering
maps; white and green colors will be used for this purpose