WRC2019 | Weather conditions
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Weather conditions

world rogaining championship 2019

La Molina has typical mountain weather, with long and heavy winters and without hot summers. The height gradient is the most important factor. Summer is the rainy season, but rain appears in storms and in short and intense periods. The rainy season has a great interannual variation depending on the year, and it could change from dry to very wet summers.
The wind is another key factor in the mountain weather and we have an average of 20% of windy days, usually from N-NW.
However, there are important differences between highest part of the range and
the lowest ones. Usually, July weather presents these averaged values:

Tosa d’Alp (close to the top, 2536 m msl)
Max. Temperature: 10-12° (extreme values in a normal month 8-15°)
Min. Temperature: 6-8° (extreme values in a normal month 2-10°)
Days of rain (more of 1 mm): 12
Of which, precipitation is: 70mm (extreme value in a normal month 120mm)
Foggy days: 10 during all the day, and 15 partially

La Molina Station (1406 m msl)
Max. Temperature: 18-20º C (extreme values in a normal month 15-25°)
Min. Temperature: 6-10° (extreme values in a normal month 5-12°)
Days of rain (more of 1 mm): 10
Of which, precipitation is: 60mm (extreme value in a normal month 100 mm)
Foggy days: 3