WRC2019 | Bulletin nº 3
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Bulletin nº 3

world rogaining championship 2019

Bulletin  nº 3  1/06/2019



27TH – 28TH OF JULY 2019


Format and rules

The 16th World Rogaining Championships are held in 24 hour rogaining according to the rules of the International Rogaining Federation. (link del pdf de  les Rules 2017).

In accordance with IRF council, In the WRC2019 the rules of the Rogaining International Federation will have the next deviations:

 Compulsory gear (Rule D9)

For safety reasons and because of high mountain environment, (Range of weather conditions in the highest checkpoint could be from 20ºC to 2ºC in July) the list of mandatory gear include:

  • SI card with non-removable wristband
  • Competition number bib. Number bibs must be visible during all the competition.
  • A whistle,
  • A Beanie or cap which covers the head
  • A thermal top with long sleeves.
  • A jacket for mountain weather conditions.
  • A GPS tracking device provided by organization (one for team)
  • An emergency blanket (one for team)
  • Mobile phones will be allowed in race for safety equipment, but competitors must carry them sealed in an opaque tamper-proof bag provided by organization. The phone only can be removed from the bag in case of emergency. Teams who wish to carry a mobile phone must demand the special bag to the organization.


 Rules B7 i C12 

Because of GPS’ tracking for all the teams:

1)    The event organizers will require all the teams  to carry GPS tracking devices on the course. One member of every team must carry GPS tracking device at all times whilst they are on the course as an item of mandatory equipment, which cannot be dropped even temporarily;
2)    The GPS tracking device provided by the organizers must be returned to the organizers immediately at finish;

3)    The event organizers will broadcast live tracking data and estimated progressive scores of teams based on the data obtained from a number of checkpoints in the terrain from two hours following the start of the competition;

4)    No member of any team is permitted to access any internet capable device at any time from the commencement of map handout until 30 minutes after the advertised finish time (both on course and at the event center.).


All competitors are reminded of Rule B12 which states “A team shall not accept assistance from, nor collaborate with, other people during course planning or on the course nor deliberately follow another team.”



Event Centre

Event centre will be located in La Molina, La Cerdanya, Catalan Pyrenees, in open field environment close to the center of the competition area. Exact location View on Map

 Planning area

After receiving the maps in waterproof paper, plus an extra map in plain paper, competitors can use event centre area to plan their route. This area will include an undercover planning zone, the tent area and two big car parks close to the competition centre. Pre-start information shall include a map which indicates the boundaries of the event centre. Competitors shall not leave this area starting for the moment of distribution of the maps till the start signal.  Organizers will check observation of IRF rules during the planning process by inspections. Please, note that only cars or caravans in the two big car parks closest to the event centre are inside the planning area. People who park in other areas cannot come to their vehicles.


Teams of 2 – 3 members. See the CONFIRMED TEAMS in the web site: https://nonstoprun.com/WRC2019/inscrits

You can order teams by category or nationality just by clicking in the top fields


Competition classes

-Men’s Open (MO) — men, no age restriction

-Women’s Open (WO) — women, no age restriction

-Mixed Open (XO) — at least one man and one woman, no age restriction

-Men’s Youth (MY) — men, all must be under 23 years of age

-Women’s Youth (WY) — women, all must be under 23 years of age

-Mixed Youth (XY) — at least one man and one woman, all must be under 23 years of age

-Men’s Veteran (MV) — men, all must be 40 years of age or over

-Women’s Veteran (WV) — women, all must be 40 years of age or over

-Mixed Veteran (XV) — at least one man and one woman, all must be 40 years of age or over

-Men’s Super Veteran (MSV) — men, all must be 55 years of age or over

-Women’s Super Veteran (WSV) — women, all must be 55 years of age or over

-Mixed Super Veteran (XSV) — at least one man and one woman, all must be 55 years of age or over

-Men’s Ultra Veteran (MUV) — men, all must be 65 years of age or over

-Women’s Ultra Veteran (WUV) — women, all must be 65 years of age or over

-Mixed Ultra Veteran (XUV) — at least one man and one woman, all must be 65 years of age or over

For the Youth, Veteran, Super Veteran and Ultra Veteran categories the age is determined on the first day of competition (i.e. 27 July 2019).

Any team that has a member under 17 years of age shall also have a member 18 years of age or over. All participants under 18 years need to have a written permission (from their legal guardian) for taking part in the competition.

Teams are deemed to compete in every category for which they are eligible.



Registration fee:

LATE; 1st June 2019-15th July 2019   105€ (without Wind stopper jacket)

*Only to 1000 participants.


Registration fee includes:

  • Cost of organizing and setting up the event
  • Maps
  • Participant health insurance during the race
  • Basic medical care
  • Post-race massage
  • GPS tracking for all teams
  • 4-day camping and parking
  • Catering during the race and hot meal after the finish
  • Several bottled water points
  • Special souvenir: a wind stopper jacket.
  • Trophies and awards
  • IRF WRC levy.



Team Changes

Teams may change team composition until 30th June 2019. Each such change, except the first one, will be possible only after paying a fee of 5€ once registration has been confirmed and paid.

Last minute changes in team composition will be possible during registration at the competition center for a fee of 10€.



No refunds for withdrawals from this moment.



International travelers may be required to hold a Spanish visa prior to travel to Spain, depending on country of residence.

For more information, please see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain website. It you require further assistance, please send us an email.



The event´s Organization and the Federació de Curses d’Orientació de Catalunya hold a third party liability insurance as the organizers of a public event.

Also, organizers will contract a personal health insurance for all competitors, for incidents occurring during the race.

Nevertheless competitors participate in the event at their own risk. We recommend that competitors carry personal health and/or travel insurance.


Preliminary Schedule

Thursday, 25 July 2019

  • 14:00 Camping at the hash house opens, model maps available and model course opens
  • 18:00 Registration 1st day opens
  • 21:00 Registration 1st day closes

Friday,  26 July 2019

  • 12:00 Registration 2nd day opens
  • 14:00 IRF Meeting in La Molina.
  • 22:00 Registration 2nd day closes

Saturday, 27 July 2019

  • 8:00 Registration 3rd day opens
  • 9:00 Map handout
  • 12:00 Start
  • 16:00 Catering available at the hash house
  • 21:18 Sunset
  • 21:50 The end of civil twilight

Sunday, 28 July 2019

  • 6:10 The beginning of civil twilight
  • 6:42 Sunrise
  • 12:00 Finish
  • 13:00 Catering at the hash house
  • 14:00 Award ceremony

Monday, 29 July 2019

  • 11:00 Camping at the hash house closes.



Competition area (140 km²) is located within the Pyrenees Mountains, in Catalunya. Although the area is not large, the terrain is very steep, from hilly to very mountainous. Participants should not underestimate these characteristics. The highest peak is La Tossa (2536 m) and the lowest area is at around 1300m, around Alp village. There other important peaks in the terrain, like Puigllançada (2409 m), Cim de la Bassa (2029 m), Coma Morera (2208 m) or la Creueta (2067 m). This mountainous environment provides a physically demanding terrain where minimized climbs and drops will be an important success factor.  Therefore, navigation and route planning skills will become of vital importance and have been proven as an essential factor for the successful rogainer here. Probably, no other WRC has been run in such mountainous terrain!

Forest covers up to 60% of the event area. It comprises areas of predominantly pine trees, mainly in low areas and north slopes, with minor oak sections in low and south slopes. The other 40% of the event area is open terrain, mostly of short grass on relatively even and smooth ground, along with some rugged land areas. The runability is usually pretty good. There is an important network of dirt roads and trails. The human influence is present. You can find shepherd and livestock, and former military elements to control the border boundaries.


La Molina has typical mountain weather, with long and cold winters and mild summers. The altitude is the most important factor here. Summer is the rainy season, but rain comes in storms and in short and intense periods. The rainy season has a big inter-annual variation depending on the year, and summers can range from dry to very wet.

The wind is another key factor in the mountain weather and we have an average of 20% of windy days, usually from N-NW. However, there are important differences between highest and lowest terrain.

Weather in July has the following average values:

Tosa d’Alp (close to the top, 2536 m)

Max. Temperature: 10-12°C (extreme values in a normal month 8-15°C)

Min. Temperature: 6-8°C (extreme values in a normal month 2-10°C)

Days of rain (more than 12.

Foggy days: 10 during all the day, and 15 partially.

La Molina Station (1406 m  Event centre.

Max. Temperature: 18-20º C (extreme values in a normal month 15-25°C)

Min. Temperature: 6-10°C (extreme values in a normal month 5-12°C)

Days of rain (more than 1 mm): 10

Foggy days: 3



Sunset 21:18  and Sunrise 6:42.   http://sunsetsunrisetime.com/



The scale selected is 1:25000 with a contour interval of 10 meter, and 5 meters form-lines where is necessary. The map is made from annual ortophoto and LiDAR data sources, available in this region, which provide a very detailed cartography. Additionally, field work is necessary to add detail and evaluate forest and open areas. Map is designed using orienteering map design software, OCAD. It is significantly different from typical rogaining maps: forest and open areas are printed in colors depending on their runnability as in orienteering maps; white and  green colors will be used for this purpose (Map Specific Characteristics will be available in Pre-start bulletin)

Competition maps will be printed on waterproof and tear resistant synthetic paper (Tyvek). A separate map, same size and scale as the competition map but printed on regular paper, will be provided for each team for planning purposes. It is not necessary to submit this map to organizers. The exact map sheet size will be announced in Pre-start bulletin. There will be control descriptions with text in English in a separate sheet.

Finally, competition area is 152 km2, 70% in Spain and 30% in France. There are different old regaining maps in this area in 15.000 or 20.000 scales. They fill about 70km2. These maps will be show on the website during the last month.


The total number of checkpoints will be between 85 and 90 (the exact number and the control description will be update in pre-start bulletin).

Course and terrain will provide a lot of different route choices and planning scenarios. The race speed will be very different in some areas; the open areas in the top of mountains can be faster than forest areas with big slopes. Darkness and occasionally foggy conditions can completely transform these zones to much more challengers.

Organizers are encouraging all the teams to consider seriously the mountain terrain, where the slopes will be more important than distance for a good planning.

The hash-house is located near to the centre in competition area, provides a good option to visit during the race in order to rest or refueling. On the competition terrain there will be also several water stations; natural or in plastic bottles (marked on the map). The main river and other natural water courses are not recommended to drink because of cattle in the high areas. If any team decides to use one of these unmarked natural sources, we will strongly recommend using a water purification system.


Punching system

The SPORTIdent (SI) electronic punching system will be used. Each team member shall wear one SI card (version 6, 10, 11 or AIR), which must be attached to the competitor with a non-removable wristband. Every competitor must know the kind of SI card they own in order to have enough memory capacity to record all controls of the WRC.


SI-cards (version 10, 11 or AIR) will be available for rent and provided by the organizers for 5€ each. Participants who want to rent, must request it during the registration process.

SPORTIdent tools will be used for timing and result computing. Software has been successfully used for participant and result computing in a number of adventure sports and rogaining competitions organized in the last ten years. Company La Nova Fita will be the responsible for providing results.

All teams will carry a GPS device free of charge (one per team, tied to a backpack) for safety reasons (the device has a emergency button) and also for WRC broadcasting. GPS tracking data and estimated progressive scores will be displayed on a big screen in a designated area at the event center (participants are not allowed to enter) and also on the WRC web page, starting one hour after the start of the competition.

To collect SI rental cards, competitors must leave a ID card or a 70€ amount. This money will be reimbursed when competitors turn the SI card back.

In case of lost rental SI cards competitors will be charge with 70€ and GPS device with 130€. Please take care.

Compulsory gear control

Organizers can check a compulsory gear from any team anytime; in the start area, during the race or after the finish, in the finish area.



All teams shall enter the start area by latest at 11:30 AM. Whole team shall arrive and enter together. Attached SI cards will be checked by organizers at start area gates. Each competitor must be sure his attached SI card is cleaned and checked. The start is given 12:00 on Saturday, July 27 with a spectacular and traditional well audible sound.



The finish control time is 12:00 on Sunday, July 28. After finishing the course, by punching the SI finish, only organizers will be allowed to remove the wristband. The point penalty for finishing after the nominated finish time will be defined in pre-start information. Participants who carried mobile phones during their course will be requested by organizers to present unopened sealed bag right after the finish.



After the finish, each competitor gets a printout of SI cards data. The individual SI printouts shall be considered as a preliminary. Also, preliminary team results will be shown at the event centre in organization screens. Final results will be published on the WRC2019 website and displayed at the event centre.



Within 45’ of the nominated finish time, a team may submit a protest about any team thought to have breached the rules, about the preliminary results or about any actions of the organizers that they consider may the competition unfair. Protests shall be submitted to organizers in writing, and in English.



Any protest are considered and determined by a three person jury. Members of the WRC2019 jury are Richard Robinson, Jan Tojnar and Roberto Pascual. Any IRF member or observe present at the event center can be called as an alternative jury member in case of a protest involving one of the nominated jury members.



The team with the highest score in each class is granted the title of the World Rogaining Champions. Three best teams in each class are awarded prizes.

The winners of each category plus the three open teams will be awarded with our sponsor headlamps (Silva) and a Camelbag backpack. All the podium teams will be rewarded with different local products.


Model event

Model event will be available from 12:00 on Thursday, 25th July, until start WRC on Saturday. We will use the Rogaining Castellar de n’Hug map in 25.000 scale. Despite the cartography is not exactly the same, mappers are different, the terrain is quite similar.

The start point will be in the Castellar de N’Hug road, about 15 kms from the event centre.


6 hours event

6h event will be from 13:00 to 19:00 on Saturday. Detailed information is in the specific link included in the web site. This race is intended for local rogainers and WRC participant’s partners.


Training possibilities and related events

Dates and locations of related events will be updated on WRC website.

We can also offer different kind of maps for teams who would like to come some time before the WRC in order to train the competition. Please contact the WRC organization by email.

We finally recommend two rogaining events happening in the coming months, the last one is in 6-hour day format. The terrain in this event is very similar to the WRC terrain:

15/06/2019 1st Rogaining Castellar de n’Hug. Castellar de n’Hug. Berguedà.  https://grionsorientacio.cat/


Transport and facilities

You can see in the WRC2019 web page full information about transport and facilities, in Competition center-transport and Competition center-facilities.


Camping is available for the event weekend, however the area has all kinds of accommodations and prices:  mountain huts, cottages, hostels and hotels of all categories. You can make reservations on the following website:



Girona airport and Barcelona airport have several rent-a-car companies.

If using public transportation, the best option is by rail on the train connecting Barcelona with La Tour de Carol. La Molina station (R3 line).

We can offer bus transfer service from La Molina Station to the Event Center (5 kilometers). You will be able to book it on the website´s Shop.

We can also offer bus transfer service from Girona airport to the Event Center, and from the event center to Girona, and Barcelona airport. You will be able to book it on the website´s Shop.

Please, note that the last day to book these transfers will be 15th June. Only transfers with at least of 50% seats taken will be offered. In case some buses will be empty, the organization will offer to competitors public transport options. It is easy to get la Molina from Girona or Barcelona airport.


Shopping and merchandising

The WRC shop is open on our web page. In there, competitors will find lots of merchandising related to the most important rogaining race in 2019, the World Rogaining Championships. We are convinced that participants will be proud to have different outdoor gear designed especially for the race.

Also competitors can find in the shop some other tools like planning boards (free of charge), camping for partners, bus transfer, pre-event meals, etc.

Be careful with deadlines because web shop close in different dates depends on the item.


IRF meeting

The IRF meeting will be held at 14:00 to 17:00 on 26th July in Museu Josep Maria Figueres in la Molina (500 meters from the event center) . Everyone interested will be warmly welcomed.



Hash-house menu.

Coffee, tea, chicken or vegetal broth, soda drinks, isotonic drinks, beer, candies and nuts, fruits, cookies, chocolate, sandwichs, cheese, rice or pasta with olives ,tuna and corns, rice or pasta with tomato sauce, rice or pasta with Bolognese sauce (with meat).


Closing meal; Traditional fideuà with squids.

We will have special menu for vegetarians.



  • Ricard Belascoain – Event Director.
  • Raquel Font – Chief materials and intendance.
  • Carles Loré – Mapper.
  • Assumpció Termens – Shop, merchandising  and volunteers
  • Maria Gràcia – Sponsorship and community manager.
  • Pep Mayolas – Field Work & Course Vetter.


  • International Rogaining Federation (IRF),
  • IbeRogaine,
  • Federació de Curses d’Orientació de Catalunya (FCOC).

Event advisor 

Gill Fowler (Australia)



Web-site URL www.wrc2019.cat/en



Last Bulletin (pre-start competitors’ information) will be published before 15 July 2019.