WRC2019 | Entry Form
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Entry Form

world rogaining championship 2019

Phase Three: 1st January 2019 – 15th July 2019


  • All teams can enter during this period.
  • Any team can sign up and fill the entry form, the procedure finishes in a credit card website where the teams must pay the total amount.
  • Organisation reserves a number of wildcards in order to implement the WRC entry criteria rules.
  • Wildcard places not allocated after to start late entry fee will be released into the general pool.
  • When entry process arrives to 900 participants, the new entries will be in a waiting list since the last  wildcards will be released.





Looking for a teammate?
If you would like to participate in the WRC19 but don’t have a teammate, we can help you put in contact with other runners in your same situation. Send an email  with the following information and we will try to find somebody for you:
  • About you
    • Name:
    • Citizenship:
    • Country of residence:
    • State/Region of residence:
    • Spoken language(s):
    • Age:
    • Your goal for this event is to: Participate / Finish / Be competitive / Top 10
  • Preferences for teammate:
    • Same citizenship (Yes / I don’t care): if you want to compete for the same country, select Yes, otherwise I don’t care.
    • Same residence (Yes / I don’t care): if you want your teammate to live close to you, select Yes, otherwise I don’t care.
    • Same spoken language(s): if you want your teammate to speak same language as you, select Yes, otherwise I don’t care.
    • Division(s): indicate what divisions you will be open to participate in with your team mate. For a full list of divisions check this page: https://www.wrc2019.cat/en/categories-participation-2/
    • Other preferences: indicate here any other preferences you would like your teammate to match.