WRC2019 | Event Rules
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Event Rules

world rogaining championship 2019

The 16th Rogaining World Championship is held in 24 hours, in accordance with the rules of the Rogaining International Federation.


IRF Regles de Rogaining 2017


In accordance with IRF council, In the WRC2019 the rules of the Rogaining International Federation will have the next deviations:


Compulsory gear (Rule D9)

For safety reasons and because of high mountain environment, (Range of weather conditions in the highest checkpoint could be from 20ºC to 2ºC in july) the list of mandatory gear include:

  • A whistle,
  • A hat or cap wich covers the head
  • A thermal top with long sleeves.
  • A jacket for mountain weather conditions.
  • A GPS tracking device provided by organisation (one for team)
  • An emergency blanket (one for team)


 Rules B7 i C12 

Because of GPS’ tracking for all the teams:
1)    The event organizers will require all the teams  to carry GPS tracking devices on the course. One member of every team must carry GPS tracking device at all times whilst they are on the course as an item of mandatory equipment, which cannot be dropped even temporarily;
2)    The GPS tracking device provided by the organizers must be returned to the organizers immediately at finish;
3)    The event organizers will broadcast live tracking data and estimated progressive scores of teams based on the data obtained from a number of checkpoints in the terrain from two hours following the start of the competition;
4)    No member of any team is permitted to access any internet capable device at any time from the commencement of map handout until 30 minutes after the advertised finish time (both on course and at the event center.).
All competitors are reminded of Rule B12 which states “A team shall not accept assistance from, nor collaborate with, other people during course planning or on the course nor deliberately follow another team.”