WRC2019 | Fun Run Rogaine
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Fun Run Rogaine

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Information Fun Run Rogaine 6h

La Molina  –  Pirineu  –  Catalunya  –  Espanya

Federació de Curses d’Orientació de Catalunya

Asociación IbeRogaine


General information

Next 27th and 28th July will be the Rogaine World Championship (WRC) in La Molina. Within this event, on Saturday 27th july, a popular Rogaine will be played.


Event Center

Event center will be located in la Molina, La Cerdanya, Catalan Pyrenees, Spain, in open field environment close to the center of the competition area.

  • Registration will be located in the Molina Museum
  • Rogaine’s starts will be located near Parking 3 (Fontcanaleta)



Teams from 2 to 5 members.



Friday, 26 July 2019

  • 12:00 a 22:00 Opening Molina’s Museum to registration

Saturday, 27 July 2019

  • 9:00 a 11:00 Opening Molina’s Museum to registration
  • 10:30 a 11:00 Uninitiated learning
  • 12:00             Start WRC competition
  • 12:15             Check compulsory gear
  • 12:40             Map handout
  • 13:00             Start the Fun run rogaine
  • 19:00             Finish the Fun run rogaine
  • 19:30             Catering and awards ceremony

Sunday, 28 July 2019

  • 12:00 Finish WRC competition
  • 14:00 WRC award ceremony


Competition classes

  • Men’s Open (MO): men, no age restriction
  • Women’s Open (WO) : women, no age restriction
  • Mixed Open (XO): at least one men and one woman, no age restriction



The registration will be made through the following registration form. You’ll can check the list of registration teams

  • First term from 27th May to 23th June (20€)
  • Second term from 24th June to 14th July (with a surcharge of 5€)
    • If you cannot participate in the Popular Rogaine, you must send an email before July 1 informing the Organization of the cancellation so that 10€ of registration is returned. Since of July 1, no registration fee will be refunded.
    • The registration includes provision in the race and Sandwich and drink after finishing.

Sportident System will be used. If there is no SI card, there is the possibility of renting it.

  • SI card rental (3€). The rent is made through the same registration form.
    • In order to be able to acquire the rental SI card, you must leave a bail of 50€ or the DNI that will be returned at the end of the race when the SI card is returned. Lost or damage the SI card means paying 50€.

Competitiors who don’t have a federative license specific to the orientation competition (FCOC, FEDO) will have to contract a temporary license. It will be necessary to show the federative license in registration desk.

  • Temporary license 2€

You can buy the WRC T-shirt, jacket or neck warmer (tubb) at the WRC store


Compulsory gear (Popular Rogaine)


  • Waterproof jacket
  • Thermal blanket
  • Whistle
  • Water (minimum 1 litre)
  • Eat
  • Compass
  • SI card
  • Map provided by the organization

By team:

  • First-aid kit
  • Mobile with the Organization number


Punching system

The SPORTIdent (SI) electronic punching system will be used.

Each team member shall wear one SI card (version 6, 9, 10, 11 or AIR), which should be attached to the competitor with a no removable wristband. Every competitor must know the kind of SI card they own in order to have enough memory capacity to record all controls of the WRC. (SI card features).

SI-cards  will be available for rent and provided by the organizers for 3€ for each. Participants who want to rent, must request it during the registration process.

SPORTIdent tools will be used for timing and result computing. Software has been successfully used for participant and result computing in a number of adventure sports and rogaining competitions organized in the last ten years.

La Nova Fita Company will be the responsible for providing results.


Race time

The teams will have a maximum of 6 hours to complete their route. After 6h, it will be penalized according to the delay in arrival time:

Penalities:          0 a 4’59’’: 5 points // 5’ a 9’59’’: 10 points // 10’ a 14’59’’: 20 points //
15’ a 19’59’’: 30 points // 20’ a 24’ 59’’: 40 points ; 25’ a 30’: 50 points //
More than 30’ disqualified



Competition area (140 km²) is located within the Pyrenees Mountains, in Catalunya. Although the area is not very large, the terrain is very steep, from hilly to very mountainous. Participants should not underestimate these characteristics. The highest peak is La Tossa (2536 m) and the lowest area is at around 1300m, around Alp village. There other important peaks in the terrain, like Puigllançada (2409 m), Cim de la Bassa (2029 m), Coma Morera (2208 m) or la Creueta (2067 m). This mountainous environment provides a physically demanding terrain where minimized climbs and drops will be an important success factor.  Therefore, navigation and route planning skills will become of vital importance and have been proven as an essential factor for the successful rogainer here.

The runners of the popular race will be able to enjoy this environment that is the same that will enjoy, or will suffer, the runners who participate in the World Cup.

Forest covers up to 60% of the event area. It comprises areas of pine predominance, mainly in low areas and north slopes, with minor oak sectors in low and south slopes. The other 40% of the event area is open terrain, mostly of short grass on relatively even and smooth ground, along with some rugged land areas. The runabillity is usually pretty good. There is an important network of dirt roads and trails. The human influence is present. We can find shepherd and livestock elements, and military elements to control the border boundaries.

In summary, great physical and technical challenges of such a mountainous environment, combined with wonderful terrain, will provide an unforgettable experience like no other!



Typical mountain weather in summer, hot during the day, mid-afternoon storms, and cool at night.

La Molina has typical mountain weather, with long and cold winters and mild summers. The altitude is the most important factor here.

Summer is the rainy season, but rain comes in storms and in short and intense periods. The rainy season has a big inter-annual variation depending on the year, and summers can range from dry to very wet.

The wind is another key factor in the mountain weather and we have an average of 20% of windy days, usually from N-NW. However, there are important differences between highest and lowest terrain.

Weather in July has the following average values:

  • Tosa d’Alp (close to the top, 2536 m )
    • Max. Temperature: 10-12°C (extreme values in a normal month 8-15°C) Min. Temperature: 6-8°C (extreme values in a normal month 2-10°C)
    • Days of rain (more than 1 mm): 12.
    • Of which, average precipitation is: 70mm (extreme value in a normal month 120mm)
    • Foggy days: 10 during all the day, and 15 partially.
  • La Molina Station (1406 m) Event center.
    • Max. Temperature: 18-20º C (extreme values in a normal month 15-25°C) Min. Temperature: 6-10°C (extreme values in a normal month 5-12°C)
    • Days of rain (more than 1 mm): 10
    • Of which, average precipitation is: 60mm (extreme value in a normal month 100 mm)
    • Foggy days: 3



The scale selected is 1:25000 with a contour interval of 10 meters. The map is made from annual ortophoto and LiDAR data sources, available in this region, which provides a very detailed cartography. Additionally, field work is necessary to add detail and evaluate forest and open areas.

Map is designed using orienteering map design software, such as OCAD. It is significantly different from typical rogaining maps: forest and open areas are printed in colors depending on their runnability as in orienteering maps; white and greens colours will be used for this purpose.

However, it should be taken into account that the map has an area of ​​150km2, which is why this drawing does not have the accuracy that it can have a specific map for orientation of larger scales and smaller surfaces. The vegetation drawing allows you to make a good reading of the terrain and be much more precise when choosing the route.

Competition maps will be printed on waterproof and tear resistant synthetic paper Tyvek.


Tracer notes

The runners of the popular test will have the privilege of running exactly on the same ground and using the same goals as the runners of the WRC2019. Obviously, since it is a 6-hour test, only a part of the global World Cup has been taken. However, the scale of the WRC2019 map has been respected, smaller than the usual ones in the rogaines that run in our house. The print size will be the traditional A3 + that will allow runners to choose between more than 40 controls (the exact number and description of controls will be published soon) and they can visit quite different areas, from the meadows and the steep dams high mountain of the southern part to the alpine forests of the north part. In short, a unique opportunity to get close to a world championship and share ground with more than a thousand runners from more than 30 countries.


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