WRC2019 | Punching System
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Punching System

The SPORTIdent (SI)

SI is the electronic punching system will be used.

Each team member shall wear one SI card (version 6, 10, 11 or AIR), which should be attached to the participant with a non-removable wristband. Every competitor must know the kind of SI card they own in order to have enough memory capacity to record all controls of the WRC.



  • Although SI6 card usually only record 68 chekpoints, we will change software in order to alow that these cards can record more than 100 checkpoints. This change is not possible with  SI5, SI8 or SI9.
  • SI-cards (version 10, 11 or AIR) will be available for rent and provided by the organizers for 5€ each. Participants who want to  rent, must request it during the registration process.


SPORTIdent tools will be used for timing and result computing. Software has been successfully used for participant and result computing in a number of adventure sports and rogaining competitions organized in the last ten years. Company La Nova Fita will be the responsible for providing results.




All teams will use a GPS device free of charge (one per team, tied to a backpack) for safety reasons (the device has a emergency button) and also for WRC broadcasting. GPS tracking data and estimated progressive scores will be displayed on a big screen in a designated area at the event center (participants are not allowed to enter) and also on the WRC web page, starting one hour after the start of the competition.