WRC2019 | Weather conditions
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Weather conditions

world rogaining championship 2019

Weather report for the World Rogaine Championship

Posted Friday, July 26, 2019

By Meteomuntanya.cat



The weather conditions during the WRC event must be taken into account by the organization and the participants.

It must be highlighted the high probability of thunderstorms along the competition terrain. They are mainly expected for today in the afternoon and evening and during Saturday between noon and evening. This can means periods of heavy rain, lightning, poor visibility, strong wind gusts or hail.

It should be also considered the temperature decrease in relation to the previous days. Minimum temperature values around 3ºC ​​are expected at the high elevated areas of competition zone during the early hours of Sunday. These values ​​ will be accompanied by moderate wind, with some strong gusts (above 50 km/h), favouring thermal discomfort.


Trying to advance more details for different time periods:

Friday afternoon and night: Some showers or thunderstorms are expected at ​​La Molina area. Rainfall and lightning can be accompanied by a strong or very strong wind. Temperature around 15-18ºC at the competition center.

Saturday morning: It seems that the day will start with a partly-cloudy sky, but it will worsen quickly. At the start of the rogaine it could be raining intermittently, with the temperature around 15-17ºC at the competition center.

Saturday afternoon and night: The most hazardous period due to weather. There is high probability of showers and thunderstorms throughout the competition zone. They may involve periods of heavy rain, lightning, poor visibility, strong wind gusts or hail. Temperatures, taking into account the altitude range of the terrain of the competition, will range between approximately 5ºC and 20ºC.

Sunday morning until the end of the rogaine: Dissipation of cloudiness and precipitation. It will dominate the clear sky until the end of the competition. Before the sunrise, the minimum temperature will be between 3ºC and 10ºC. No below zero values ​​are expected, but the moderate wind from the northwest at the crests can favour thermal discomfort during these night hours. The maximum wind gusts could exceed 50 km/h in the ridge zone. Temperature will clearly rise after the sunrise and wind at crests will decrease. Splendid morning and about 16-18ºC at the competition center at the arrival line.


You can follow the different weather data evolution at this Automatic Weather Stations at the competition sector:

La Molina (1.705 m) – AEMET

La Tosa d’Alp (2.478 m) – SMC